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CompE Week

Welcome back for the winter semester everyone, hope you had a great vacation!

CompE club is hosting several sessions this week from January 7th – 10th (Monday to Thursday) focused on helping out
those of us in co-op who need some help on getting a job for upcoming work terms. Events are open to all though so even if you
are in a traditional program feel free to come by if you just want some tips on improving your resume writing and interviewing
skills. The scheduled is as follows!

Monday – Resume and Cover Letter Workshop
3:00-4:30PM @ DICE 7-395, RSVP
Will cover what employers are looking for and how to optimize your resume/cover letter to
maximize your chances at securing that interview!

Tuesday – Networking and Career Branding
12:30-2:00PM @ DICE 8-207
Learn how to network yourself professionally and establish your own brand!

Wednesday – Cracking the Interview
5:00-7:00PM @ ECERF W2-050
Get yourself into the zone and become the interview master your always had the potential
to be!

Thursday – Meet a Computer Engineer
5:00-8:00PM @ ECERF W2-050
Talk to some people with industry experience and learn some ins and outs of what it’s like after
you graduate!

Posted on January 8th, 2019


Welcome to the Computer Engineering club! Our group is a fantastic way to network with other engineering students and to hang out with some terrific and terrifying people. Click the link below eoo see the list of all the formal executives with the Computer Engineering club. However, there are many more contributing members.

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