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Of course! Almost all of our events are open to students of other disciplines of engineering and other faculties (ex. Computer Science).

Sure! If you want to volunteer for our hackathons, visit the HackED website or the HackED Beta website for more information. If you want to volunteer for our other events (ex. GEER Week, CompE Week) contact

Since our club officially represents Computer Engineering students to the faculty, any current Computer Engineering student is automatically a member of the club and is able to vote in our elections. Non club members cannot vote in our elections.

For a member to become an executive, they must run for an executive position in one of our Annual General Mettings (AGM). Junior executives are elected during Fall AGM which typically happens in September or October. By elections for senior executives can also occur in the Fall AGM. Senior executives are elected during the Winter AGM which typically occurs in March. Keep an eye on our newsletter and/or Facebook page for announcements. Contact for any further questions.

According to our club's constitution, only club members who have held a senior executive position can run for president. But, any member can run for a senior executive position without first holding a junior executive position.

Members can run for an executive position for fall semester, winter semester, or for both. So don't let co-op prevent you from running for an exec position! You can attend an AGM remotely in order to run for a position.

Please visit the HackED website or the HackED Beta website for information about these events. If you have any further questions, send an email to

Please fill out this anonymous feedback form. Although you need to sign in with you ualberta email to access the form, your email address will not be recorded. This is simply done to ensure only University of Alberta students can provide feedback. You feedback will be forwarded to the appropriate parties.