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Our first periodic email

Welcome to Fall 2014

Welcome to the new students, and welcome back to the old. This year we are working to have as awesome a year as possible. We will be having a ton of events and services available to students, and we hope that you will find them fun and rewarding.

  1. Why did I subscribe to this?
  2. Fall General Meeting
  3. Google Tech Talk
  4. Geer Carnival
  5. CSEC Exam
  6. Geek Wisdom: How to launch and have a successful tech career
  7. Solder: How to!
  8. Social Media Nonsense

1. Why did I subscribe to this?

It's probably because you're a little crazy. Who wants to spend their time dealing with segmentation faults or poorly soldered boards? Oh, that's right, we do. And we bet you're interested as well.
Whether you consider yourself an expert, or are just interested in hanging out and learning something new; we have a ton of opportunities. Coding Competitions, Hackathons, Soldering Events, Curling Bonspiel, Recruitment Mixers, and a ton of free pizza.

2. Fall General Meeting

Our General Meeting of the Fall Semester will be taking place on

Sept 16th @ 5pm in the Colt Design Lab (ETLC)

This is on the second floor of ETLC, near the main table area and next to the elevators.

At this meeting, we will be going over the events and services we will be planning for the year. Everyone will have a chance to meet the club executive, and ask questions or give suggestions. We will also be holding elections for our empty executive positions. Usually the executive positions are held by Computer Engineering students, but feel free to apply for a position even if you're in a different program. These positions include

Cooperative Education Representative

  • Represents all Computer Engineering students that are in the Cooperative Education program.
  • Responsible for keeping all CompE Cooperative Education students who are away on work terms informed of the election process.

Geer Week Coordinator & Assistant

  • Plan and coordinate Geer Week
  • Responsible for paperwork and registration documents pertaining to Geer Week
  • Coordinate all deadlines related to Geer Week

Second Year Academic Representative

  • Represents all 2nd year Computer Engineering students
  • Records proceedings at all Junior Executive and CompE Club Council meetings
  • Assists the VP Internal in his/her duties as needed

3. Google Tech Talk

Google will be holding a Tech Talk on Sept 15th at 7pm. If you are interested, RSVP at

They will also be having Rapid Resume Reviews and Mock Interviews on the 15th and 16th.

4. Geer Carnival

The Computer Engineering Club will have a table set up for the Engineering Carnival on Sept 11th and 12th from 9 to 5pm. Come check us out, as well as the other engineering discipline clubs.
We'll be there to answer questions about our upcoming events and our experiences with Computer Engineering. This is taking place in the Engineering Quad between ETLC and the Computer Science Building.

5. CSEC Exam

The Engineering Employment Centre is looking for students in their final year that would be interested in working for the Communications Security Establishment Canada after graduation. The Employment Centre will be providing an examination, which is part of the application process. If this is your final year and are interested in applying with CSec, please contact Stacey Sayler ( from the Engineering Employment Centre for more details.

6. Geek Wisdom: How to launch and have a successful tech career

The Faculty of Science will be hosting a career ‘tech talk’ featuring some of their successful Comp Sci alumni on Friday, September 19th at noon.
Highlights include:

  • How to interview for a job, what it's like to be the interviewer
  • Good resumes vs boring resumes
  • Importance of building a personal network of business contacts
  • Difference between a successful employee and someone who gets laid off first

For more information, please visit:

7. Solder: How To!

We are working with the Edmonton New Technology Society to have some soldering workshops for students to learn to solder or improve their existing skills. The project and date will be decided on soon. Please email Andrew at if you're interested - we would like a rough estimate, so please email even if you have nothing to say.

8. Social Media Nonsense

As always, follow us on twitter or Facebook for current news on our events and services! You can drop in to our club room (address at the bottom) if you need some cheap food or need help from experienced students.