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CompE Weekly Email

Last full week

You can tell it is the end of the semester when we finish up our emails after 5pm.

  1. Blood Drive in Honour of Brent Volk
  2. Tektronix CFO Talk
  3. Engineering Head Shave
  4. Teaching Award Nominations

1. Blood Drive in Honour of Brent Volk

Family, Friends and classmates are supporting a blood drive in the name of Brent Volk. There will be sign up sheets available for you to leave your name and a message for his family after donating. Make an appointment to donate in Brent's honour between November 24th-December 8th.
There will be a table in the atrium for the next two weeks.
Book online: https:\\
Phone: 1-888-2-DONATE

2. Tektronix CFO Talk

Dec 5th, 11am - noon. ETLC 1-007
Dr. Kevin J. Ilcisin - vice president and chief technology office at Tektronix - will be hosting an open discussion on how graduating from the U of A ECE department evolves into a lifetime of exciting, challenging, and sometimes scary career adventures. He'll touch on how the technology industry has evolved and what hiring managers look for in graduates. He'll touch on topics such as innovation, creativity, and staying relevant in the rapidly evolving, highly competitive world that Thomas Friedman labels as “Flat.”
Be sure to check out this incredible speaker next Friday.

3. Engineering Head Shave

Nov 27th, 10am - 3pm. ETLC Solarium
The 11th Annual Engineering Head Shave will be taking place this Thursday! Following with the tradition from previous years, the Engineering Student Society is partnering with the Alberta Cancer Foundation with a goal this year of $15,000. If you would like to participate by shaving your head, or want to donate, please visit .
All students are welcome to participate or donate.

4. Teaching Award Nomination

There are a number of faculty teaching awards coming up and the club executive is responsible for submitting nominations for these awards. If you think there is a current or past professor of yours deserving of a teaching award, email to set up a meeting to discuss nominations. This is for Computer Engineering professors only.