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CompE Weekly Email

Welcome back!

The new year is upon us. With the start of any semester comes some amazing events for everyone to participate in.

  1. Pancake Breakfast…Happening NOW
  2. Geer Week
  3. Hack Edmonton Student Hackathon
  4. Electrical & Computer Engineering Week

1. Pancake Breakfast

Jan 6th
This is happening as we send this email. Out in the ETLC atrium you will smell the amazing smell of Pancakes and we think you should come get some.

2. Geer Week

Jan 10th - 17th
Geer Week is a series of events where the different engineering discipline clubs compete to become the faculty champions. We placed third last year, and are already well on the way to becoming this year's winners.
The most important thing for competitions is having people participate. Even if you're not in Computer Engineering, we would love to have tons of people competing for us at the events. Please come visit our club room or email Brittany at if you have any questions. Facebook event can be found here. Our theme this year is ‘Fedora in the Internet Explorer,’ and our movie is on the way to becoming the greatest Geer Week movie ever.

If you would like to participate, we highly encourage you to visit the ESS Front Desk (beside Tim Hortons in ETLC) on Friday the 9th to register as a participant for Computer Engineering club. We get spirit points for every person who signs up early.


Saturday 10th
Tech Display - 11AM to 5PM - Telus World of Science

Sunday 11th
Floor Hockey - 11AM to 3PM - Education Gym

Monday 12th
Opening Ceremony - 11AM - Quad
Tug Of War - 11:30AM - Quad
Scavenger Hunt - 5PM - RATT
After Party 1 - 9PM - RATT

Tuesday 13th
Toboggan Races - 12PM - Quad
Movie Night - 5PM - ETLC 1-001
After Party 2 - 9PM - Central Social Hall

Wednesday 14th
Shangria - 12PM - Quad
Beer Tasting - 5PM - TBD
Are You Smarter Than A First Year - 7PM - The Pint Off Whyte
After Party 3 - 9PM - The Pint Off Whyte

Thursday 15th
Keg Races - 12PM - Quad
Battle of the Bands - 7PM - Dinwoodie Lounge
Dance Troupe - 7PM - Dinwoodie Lounge
After Party 4 - 11PM - Dinwoodie Lounge

Friday 16th
Design Competition - 1PM - Solarium
First Year President's Party - 7PM - Devaney's (Old Hudson's on CAMPUS not Whyte)

Saturday 17th
Engineers Ball - 5PM - RATT

Geer Week is, without a doubt, the best part of the year.

3. HackED

Jan 31st - Feb 1st
This is the second year of our student hack-a-thon. This 24 hour event is held downtown at Startup Edmonton where participants have the duration to come up with an idea and then make that idea a reality. This year we will provide space for students to hack with hardware tools.

There will be prizes for different categories donated from sponsors, with more details to come. Tickets will be available from the Computer Engineering Club and will include free food from our sponsors. Start brainstorming and we will see you at the end of the month.

Website to come soon.

4. ECE Week

Jan 26th - 30th
The Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Engineering Physics clubs are proud to present the first ever ECE Week. This week will include Tech Talks from various companies, tabling from the clubs, and a Company-Student Mixer. This is a great opportunity for first years to get more information about ECE and for current students to network with a variety of companies. We hope to see you there.