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  1. MACE
  2. GARMIN Information Session
  3. Get Out to Vote!
  4. WISEST SET Conference
  5. B-Squared Opportunity
  6. CMPUT 469
  7. UACS Programming Contest
  8. Computer Engineering Club Volunteer Sign Up
  9. ESS Google Calendar
    Meet A Computer Engineer
    Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 – ATCO Classroom, ETLC

Wonder what it’s like after graduation? Come meet some of our Alumni and ask them about their time in school and in the work force!

We have a great panel that will be meeting in ATCO Design Lab on October 14th at 5pm. There will questions, students and free PIZZA!
GARMIN Information Session
Tuesday, October 20th at 6:30 pm – ETLC E1-003

Target Audience: All 2016 Graduates and Co-op Students from Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering, and Engineering Physics.

Garmin is one of the world’s leading professional navigation and wearable technology companies with a focus in developing, designing and supporting superior products that are sought out for their innovative use of technology. Garmin Cochrane home of Dynastream Innovations Inc., a subsidiary of Garmin International, focuses on wireless and personal monitoring technologies. Through its mission and vision Garmin Cochrane finds success in providing interoperable, ultra-low power wireless communication and personal monitoring sensors to solve complex problems and make people’s lives safer, healthier and more enjoyable.

Garmin Cochrane is an engineering hub for a diverse group of talented individuals. Whether you’re a mechanical engineer or interested in developing software using C, C++, Assembly Java, C# or more, we are interested in meeting you. During the Information Session you will learn about the history, the culture and the work environment of the company. You will also learn about some of the amazing projects that past co-op students have worked on and get a better understanding of what you would potentially work on during your co-op at Garmin. We will be demonstrating some of the latest products that have been developed in Cochrane and you will be able to test a few of the products out yourself. If you are an engineering student with an interest in wearable technology and fitness related gadgets come check us out!

Register Here:

Get Out to Vote!

The federal election is in full swing, and election day is right around the corner. Election day is on Monday, October 19th. Advance polls have now closed, but if you are unable to vote in your riding on election day, it is still possible to register to vote by mail online until 4:00pm today.

Let your voice be heard and get out to vote in this election!

Through the University's promotional campaign, you can also help the Computer Engineering club by pledging to vote here - the Students’ Union will provide us with credit at SUBPrint to make posters and banners if we have enough sign-ups at that link.
WISEST SET Conference
Saturday, November 7th, 2015

The SET (Science, Engineering, and Technology) Conference hosted by WISEST is a fun day that will show grades 10-12 high school girls the diverse career options in science, engineering, and technology. This full-day conference (with lunch included) allows participants to experience real lab environments through hands-on lab activities. This year it will be held on Saturday, November 7th, 2015.

If you are interested in strengthening science and society through diversity, and providing opportunity to our SET students, there are several volunteer opportunities available for the SET Conference.
For more information and the positions available, click here .
B-Squared Opportunity

The organization BSquared is developing a website to connect the university together. Their featured map for the U of A, can zoom into as close as far as desks within the library. People doing study groups, may describe their table as open/private and also what subject matter they are studying to invite or not invite people to join them. The website is 80% developed but they are looking for computing science students to help them finish up and maintain it. They are offering limited equity for 3 students.

For more information contact:

Come to CMPUT 469 at 5pm on Thursday at RATT. It's a fun event put on by UACS (Comp Sci's) where you'll get to meet people and drink! It's lots of fun and you deserve a break.

Also, UACS pays for FREE APPETIZERS!!!!
Who could say no to free appetizers?
UACS Programming Contest

The Undergraduate Association of Computing Science is holding a programming contest, open to all Undergraduate students and First Year M.Sc Students, on October 24th from 11:00 - 3:00.

Those participating will be partitioned into two categories based on whether they are experienced or inexperienced. Also participants must compete in teams of 2-3.

Computer Engineering Club Volunteer Sign Up

Want to get involved with the Computer Engineering Club? Feel like taking on an executive role would be too much? Sign up for our volunteer email, we will send out a call for help whenever we need man power and all you have to do is reply!

So if you're interested sign up HERE .
ESS Google Calendar CALENDAR

The ESS has created a public google calendar that will show all their events as well as all discipline club events. We will be posting all of our events to this calendar so please check it out here to keep up to date with all your CompE events and Socials.

Weekly Puzzle

Our Winter VP Finance is still bored in Vancouver, so we have another new puzzle from him this week!

Get the puzzle