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CompE Weekly

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  1. Blood Drive
  2. FYEC Dodgeball Tournament
  3. Tackl Front-End Dev Position
    Blood Drive
    EE is organizing a blood drive on November 17th. Everyone is encouraged to schedule an appointment on that day and venture over together. Donor cards can be brought to EE to display on the door.

FYEC Dodgeball Tournament

November 18th

Sign up sheets are in the ESS front office and it's $5 per person.If you have any questions visit FYEC or the Geer Store. Deadline to sign up is today.

Tackl Front-End Dev Position

Tackl is seeking a Front-end Stack Engineer to work up and down its technology stack. They have already completed their back-end and user interface.

The successful candidate will be:

  • A problem solver: You are scrappy, ingenious, and relentless in solving complex problems.
  • User focused: You are passionate about creating websites that improves the lives for millions of users and building delightful user experiences.
  • Communication and collaboration: You are able to work effectively with others. It’s more important because you will be working with the team, remotely.
  • High-energy, positive, fun attitude: Must be motivated to work on your town term in a fast-paced environment

For more information on how Tackl works click here .
For more information on the position and how to apply click here .

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