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CompE Club Weekly

CompE Week

CompE Week may be over, but GEER Week has only just begun! Be sure to come out to all the events you can to rep CompE. There are events everyday of the week so be sure to come out whenever you can. If you registered for GEER Week, stay posted for event reminders.


  • HackEd: The bigger better hackathon
  • VGAD Winter Showcase
  • DiscoverE - now hiring
  • Writing Effective Resumes and Cover Letters Workshop
  • Engineering your Career Workshop

1) HackEd Registration is now open

WHO: Anyone interested in hackathons
WHEN: Saturday, 19, January @ 10:00am - Sunday, 20, January
WHERE: Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering
WHAT: HackED is Alberta's largest student run hackathon, and registration is now open! It's people of all levels of skill and experience. If you couldn't go to HackED Beta or are ready for another one, you should register now while tickets last! HackEd is this Saturday, so register while you can!

Hackathons are for designing, creating, and building awesome projects. HackED is the premiere, annual, 24-hour hackathon from the Computer Engineering Club of the University of Alberta.
This event is for hackers who choose to learn because they can, and build because they love it. We’re about working together and applying yourself, your skills and your creativity.

Join us over the weekend of January 19 to hack your way to something new. Bring on the challenge, bring your ideas to life. Go to the HackEd website ( to learn more.


NOTE: You must also register on DevPost ( in order to be properly accepted into the hackathon

2) VGAD Winter Showcase

WHO: Those interested in video games, and video game development
WHEN: Tuesday, January 15th , @ 4:00pm to 6:00pm
WHERE: Student Innovation Centre (CCIS)
WHAT: We at VGAD, (Video Game Art and Design Club at the University of Alberta), would like to invite you to our Winter 2019 showcase event!

As a University club, we aspire to promote and encourage student game development: both through our work with students in the Game Development Certificate program as well as an interface with the broader local Game Development Community.

On January 15th, 4-6pm, at the Student Innovation Center at the University of Alberta, join us as we present the games made at our largest Game Jam ever, and many other student projects!

We'd love for you to be able to meet and get to know some of the most passionate and up and coming game devs that we have!

3) DiscoverE Now Hiring

WHO: Students interested in a summer position
WHEN: Deadline to apply is Sunday, February 17th at 11:59pm
WHERE: The DiscoverE page (
WHAT: DiscoverE is an initiative to help demonstrate the importance of Engineering and Science to children and youth. The program features a hand on approach to learning and they need Engineering students to help inspire that passion. If you're interested in working in positions including but not limited to instructor and technology specialist, click the link above to learn more.

4) Resume and Cover Letter Workshop

WHO: Students looking to increase their employ-ability
WHEN: Tuesday, January 15th , @ 11:00pm to 12:20pm
WHAT: The first step to getting employed is a good resume and cover letter, and it never hurts to have another pair of eyes. Attend this workshop to bolster your chances of getting the interview! There are a variety of sessions that can be attended if you can't attend this one. Check the ESS website ( for more details

4) Engineering your Career

WHO: Students looking to improve their chances of getting the interview
WHEN: Wednesday, January 9th, @ 12:30pm - 1:00pm
WHAT: If you want to get a job, and a job that is a stepping stone in your career, then it's important to set your goals and identify career targets. This workshop provides general advice to achieve these ends. There are a variety of sessions that can be attended if you can't attend this one. Check the ESS website ( for more details

5) Acing the Interview

WHO: Students looking to improve their interview skills
WHEN: Tuesday, January 22nd, @ 12:30pm - 1:50pm
WHAT: Getting the interview is the first half of the employment battle, but there is still the interview. To give yourself the best shot at getting that job, it takes practice and preparation. Take this workshop to get that step ahead and avoid those early interview blunders. There are a variety of sessions that can be attended if you can't attend this one. Check the ESS website ( for more details
Click here for more info (

Signing Off…

Thanks for reading this week's edition of the CompE Club Newsletter. If you have any news or an event you want featured in future editions, contact us at ( ! Be sure to stop by the CompE Club Room to grab a snack and say hi! Prices for most snacks have been slashed, so now is the time to buy.