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CompE Club Weekly

We're already a month into the semester, everything's frozen, and the spectre of midterms is looming in the distance. That being said, it's not all doom and gloom! Here are some events to help brighten up your week.


  • HackEd: Get your shirts
  • CompE Week Feedback Survey
  • Computronix Open House: Software Engineers near you!
  • Acing the Interview: Improve those interview skills
  • DiscoverE: Now hiring!
  • Hash Code 2019: Google coding competition

1) HackEd - Get Your Shirts

WHO: Anyone who participated in HackEd
WHEN: Now (Please claim your shirt as soon as possible)
WHERE: Computer Engineering Club Room (In the hallway by Tim-Hortons)
WHAT: Thank you to everyone who came out for HackEd last weekend. We hope to see you all next year. To continue this train of appreciation, there will be HackEd shirts in the CompE club room, for anyone who went to the hackathon! Please bring your name-tag and/or student ID. People who registered but did not attend are not eligible for the shirt.

2) CompE Week Feedback Survey

WHO: Everyone in CompE
WHAT: CompE week is over, and we are thankful for everyone who came out to the events. CompE week is a student run initiative which we hope has proven useful. We are constantly trying to grow and improve. In order to better tailor the events, we ask that you provide feedback. Please take a moment to fill out this survey ( so that future CompE weeks will be even more successful than this one.

3) Computatronix Open House

WHO: Anyone interested in Computatronix
WHEN: Wednesday, February 6th from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
WHERE: 18354 - 118 Avenue NW (
WHAT: Computronix is a software company based in Edmonton that specializes in governmental workflow software. They employ a wide variety of developers, from web-design to database management. Pizza and refreshments will be provided. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Computronix and to network with developers, and we encourage you to attend.

4) Jobber JUMP Event

WHO: Anyone in post secondary
WHERE: J ( obber HQ (
WHEN: Wednesday, February 13th @ 5:30PM to 8:30PM
WHAT: Putting Yourself in the Race is one of many Jobber JUMP events aimed
Do you ever feel like you have no idea what you are doing?
You could be reading a job posting and seeing all the things that you don’t seem to be qualified for, or prepping for an interview and worrying about all the questions they could ask that you don’t know. Maybe you’re at an internship or starting a new job and feel like everyone else seems to “know what to do” but you have no idea where to begin. And suddenly you start questioning yourself - do I belong here, do I deserve this opportunity?

Did you know you’re not alone in feeling this way? Come out to our next Jobber JUMP event on Wednesday, February 13th to hear a presentation and panel all about keeping yourself in the race: not disqualifying yourself when reading through a job posting, how to interview with confidence - even with limited experience, and how to fight through Imposter Syndrome as you jump from curriculum into your career!

You’ll get to hang out with fellow students from many campuses, eat some pizza, and meet some members of our Jobber team!


5) DiscoverE Now Hiring

WHO: Students interested in a summer position
WHEN: Deadline to apply is Sunday, February 17th at 11:59pm
WHERE: The DiscoverE page (
WHAT: DiscoverE is an initiative to help demonstrate the importance of Engineering and Science to children and youth. The program features a hand on approach to learning and they need Engineering students to help inspire that passion. If you're interested in working in positions including but not limited to instructor and technology specialist, click the link above to learn more

6) Hash Code 2019

WHO: Anyone interested in a Google Coding/Design Competition
WHEN: Deadline to apply is Monday , Feb 25, 2019
WHERE: Hash Code Website (
WHAT: Google’s team-based programming competition, Hash Code, allows you to share your skills and connect with other coders as you work together to solve a problem modeled off a real Google engineering challenge! In small teams of two to four, coders all over the world will tackle the first problem through an Online Qualification Round. Though this round is hosted online, teams can come together to compete side-by-side in locally coordinated Hash Code hubs. The top teams from this round are invited to join us at an international Google office for our annual Hash Code Final Round.

Signing Off…

Thanks for reading this week's edition of the CompE Club Newsletter. If you have any news or an event you want featured in future editions, contact us at ( ! Be sure to stop by the CompE Club Room to grab a snack and say hi! Prices for most snacks have been slashed, so now is the time to buy.