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CompE Club Weekly

This will be the last CompE Weekly of the semester. Thanks to all those who have read these every week and we hope you enjoy a slightly less cluttered inbox over the summer. To those of you who are graduating, we hope you have a successful career ahead of you. To those of you who are still making your way through your degree, we hope to see you next Fall. Sentiments aside, there are still events to plug, and we are going to plug them!


  • ECE Grad Banquet: Get your Tickets Now!
  • Firmware Engineering Position: Eleven Engineering
  • James Dyson Award: Seeking Out Problem Solvers!
  • IEEE Canada Student Congress: SED System Workshop
  • Horizons School of Technology: A Fellowship Opportunity
  • NSERC - Become a Student Ambassador
  • Student Career Interests Survey: Your Opinion Matters!

1) ECE Grad Banquet: Get Your Tickets Now!

WHO: Anyone interested in going to Grad
WHEN: Saturday April 27th
WHERE: Muttart Conservatory, Tickets sold in the CompE, EE, and Eng Phys Clubrooms
WHAT: People are graduating and that means there will be a party, and like any good party there will be great food and great people, one of which could be you! Tickets will be available soon but for now mark this date down in your calendars. Tickets are being sold in the ECE clubrooms for $35. Get your ticket while you can!

2) Firmware Engineering Position: Eleven Engineering

WHO: Graduates or Graduating Students
WHAT: Eleven Engineering is hiring a Firmware Engineer to work on embedded wireless audio systems. This is an exciting and challenging position where, depending on your skill set, you may be helping our customers integrate our solutions, supporting them with entire end-product development, or contributing directly to our internal operating system (firmware and software) R&D. Unlike at most companies, at Eleven new hires are given actual responsibilities and a chance to make real technical contributions immediately. You will also have an opportunity to advance and possibly work in other technical fields including hardware design, microprocessor design, FAE, IC development, and RF.
If this position interests you, please check the job posting here (

3) James Dyson Award: Seeking Out Problem Solvers!

WHO: Anyone interested in demonstrating their problem solving prowess
WHEN: Entry Deadline: Saturday, July,11th
WHERE: Here (
WHAT: The James Dyson Award is an international design engineering competition which rewards socially conscious, innovative students and recent graduates for developing meaningful solutions to real world problems. The brief: design something that solves a problem.

The best invention internationally is selected by Sir James Dyson and is awarded $50,000 prize money. Two international runners up receive $8,200 each and $3,200 is given to national Canadian winner.

4) IEEE Canada Student Congress: SED System Workshop

WHO: Anyone interested in IEEE or learning more about system design
WHEN: Tentatively May 4th - 5th
WHAT: The IEEE Canada Student Congress will be held here in Edmonton from Friday May 3, to Sunday May 5, 2019. This is an annual conference held by IEEE Canada that brings together electrical engineering students from universities all across Canada for a weekend to learn about the IEEE and to get a start at building your professional network. This year, SED Systems, a large communications systems development and integration corporation, is interested in hosting a hardware/software development workshop at this year's Student Congress, either on Saturday May 4, or Sunday May 5.

In order to make this happen, we need at least 10 more students from the UofA to attend. If this sounds interesting to you, email Peter Mack at ( , indicating your interest in attending

5) Horizons School of Technology: Fellowship Opportunity

WHO: Anyone interested in furthering their CS Education
WHERE: Apply Here (
WHAT: The Horizons Fellowship is a fully-funded technology immersion fellowship for top university students from around the world. As technology continues to play a larger role on the world stage, whether it be in business, politics, art, etc., we have been reaching out to various University of Alberta clubs to encourage students to gain a solid technical foundation.

Past Horizonites have come from schools like Harvard, Princeton, UPenn/Wharton, Columbia, and more. We've had engineers, business students, liberal arts majors and designers take our program - they've gone on to receive product management, engineering, and venture capital offers from firms such as Google,, Yelp, Optimizely, Redfin, Insight Venture Partners, and Slack. Others are winning global hackathons and building their own startup ideas.

Interested students can start an application here! (

6) NSERC: Become a Student Ambassador!

WHO: Anyone passionate about STEM
WHEN: There is no deadline, details in the link below
WHAT: Want to build a stronger science culture in Canada?
If so, then apply now for an NSERC Student Ambassador grant – worth $1,000. The grant provided Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, or NSERC, will cover the expenses involved in sharing your enthusiasm for STEM.

To apply, you must be a student over 16 years old, enrolled in a Canadian university, polytechnic, college, or Cégep in the natural sciences and engineering. The grant will help you deliver an outreach activity to promote science and engineering to youth who are under-represented in STEM.
If this opportunity interests you, consider planning your activity to coincide with Science Odyssey, the NSERC-led cross-Canada STEM celebration held in May each year. Science Odyssey will add national visibility to your outreach activity and you will be part of the biggest and best known STEM event in Canada!

7) Student Career Interests Survey: Your Opinion Matters!

WHO: Anyone who has opinions!
WHAT: The Engineering Employment Centre is pleased to be participating in a national research study of student interests and attitudes regarding their careers and employers. The resulting report will help employers better understand how to attract and hire students and graduates while also helping us learn how to better serve you with career planning support.
All respondents to the survey are eligible to enter a draw for a $500 Best Buy Gift Card, and all responses will be treated as confidential and not be associated with your identity in any way.
As an Engineering student at the University of Alberta, you have access to the services offered by both the Engineering Employment Centre (in ETLC) as well as the U of A Career Centre (in SUB). Please be aware of this distinction if you are providing written responses to questions about the career services you have accessed.

Signing Off…

Thanks for reading this week's edition of the CompE Club Newsletter. If you have any news or an event you want featured in future editions, contact us at ( ! Be sure to stop by the CompE Club Room to grab a snack and say hi! Prices for most snacks have been slashed, so now is the time to buy. <3