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CompE Club Weekly

CompE Announcements


  • CompE AGM
  • Innovation4Health - Health Hack Hackathon
  • IT Connection by iGeek

1) CompE AGM

WHO: Anyone interested in Computer Engineering Club
WHEN: Friday September 20th @ 5:00 pm
WHERE: ETLC E1-003 (Subject to change)
WHAT: Do you enjoy democracy? It's time to participate in this glorious tradition of voting and free pizza. The AGM serves as an election as well as a discussion period. Learn more about the events planned for the year, and if you run for the junior executive positions, you'll also be able to help plan the aforementioned events. It never hurts to get more involved, and you'll be compensated for your time in pizza. We hope to see you there!

2) Health-Hack Hackathon

WHO: Anyone interested in healthcare innovations or startups
WHEN: SignUp Deadline on Friday, September, 20th 2019
WHERE: Here (
WHAT: Innovation4Health Health Competition is 72 hour hackathon wherein teams get 6 weeks of supported skill building before tackling a challenge problem. Teams will produce and pitch a proof-of-concept prototype to enter in the competition. This is a multidisciplinary competition, bringing in undergraduates, graduates, and people from industry. It's a multi-city event, which will occur in the Schulich Makerspace. Teams will be supported by The POD and other mentors. If the idea of a hackathon, or $30,000 in prizes appeals to you, we encourage you to apply!
Click Here To Learn More (

5) IT Networking Event by iGeek

WHO: Anyone interested in networking with Tech Companies
WHEN: Friday September 20th @ 9:00 am - 4:00pm
WHERE: Dinwoodie Lounge
WHAT: This year, iGeek is going to host the largest annual 2019 IT Connection Event on September 20th at Dinwoodie Lounge at U of A. We will invite more than 20 employers from various industries, such as Finance, Accounting, Computer Science, Engineering, etc to campus and network with our students. Also, we prepare a tech-talk section for companies/ organizations to interact with students as well, which I believe this is a great opportunity for our business students to networking and standing out.
Check out the schedule and RSVP HERE (