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CompE Club Weekly

It's the start of a new semester, and we hope you all are de-stressed and ready to be productive again. It's important to start out the new semester right, which is made easier by the fact that both CompE Week and GEER week are right at the beggining of the month. If neither of those peek your interest, there are still plenty of other events below.


  • HackEd: Alberta's Largest Student Run Hackathon
  • Professors of the UofA: An Interview Series
  • Google Careers: Hiring Now!
  • Leaders Prize Competition

1) CompE Week: Prepare for the Hiring Season

WHO: Anyone who wants advice on getting employed and working in Computer Engineering
WHEN: January 6th - January 10th
WHAT: Getting employed is stressful. The whole process of writing resumes, doing interviews, and integrating into the workplace can leave a lot of people lost and confused. Luckily, we've dedicated a whole week to help you start with your best foot forward. CompE Week is 5 days of on campus events that will help you navigate the computer engineering landscape. Resume reviews, mock interviews, and an opportunity to meet a Computer Engineer are just some of what you can expect to see. We hope to see you all there!

2) HackEd: Alberta's Largest Student Run Hackathon

WHO: Anyone who wants to participate in a hackathon
WHEN: January 18th - January 19th
WHERE: DICE (Regiser Here)
WHAT: Hackathons are for designing, creating, and building awesome projects. HackED is the annual 24-hour hackathon hosted by the Computer Engineering Club of the University of Alberta.

This event is for hackers who choose to learn because they can, and build because they love it. Assemble a team (we recommend 4 people per group) and bring your creativity to make something cool together!

Sign up at []

3) INSPIRE - Student Satellite Opportunity

WHO: Anyone who is not morally opposed to Google
WHEN: Applications due Friday January 10th
Info Session on Tuesday January 7th
WHERE: Info Session at CCIS, Student Inovation Centre
WHAT: The International Satellite Program in Research and Education (INSPIRE) is a global student-based satellite program with participants from nine different countries. The team is designing, building and launching a microsatellite fleet destined for low earth (LEO) orbit. Each summer, the team travels to the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) at the University of Colorado Boulder for an intensive 2-month workshop to collaborate on the design, test, integration and assembly of subsystems.

For more information, please attend the info session, or check out the event page . In the meantime, students can review an INSPIRE program summary and INSPIRE organizational structure and INSPIRESat-1 background . Additional questions prior to the info session can be sent to

4) Amii -

WHO: Students & Alumni who identify as female, femme, gender-queer or non-binary
WHEN Application Deadline: January 7th 2020
WHERE: Apply Here
WHAT: mii is launching a new program to make the transition from university, to a career in AI as seemless as possible. This is a 6-month mentorship program to help students connect to opportunities to explore AI careers in Alberta, meet companies and local leaders, and hear from industry on how they are implementing AI solutions in the real world.
You will visit 9 different organizations across different industries to learn more about their recruiting processes, the applications of AI in their business, and make invaluable connections to help jump-start your career upon graduation. The first cohert starts on January 14th 2020.
Link to website: []
Link to Application: []

5) Google Careers: Hiring Now!

WHO: Anyone interested in working for google
WHERE: Click here to learn more
WHAT: If you're interested in the ever profitable industry of harvesting data, now is your chance to work for the corporate megolith that is Google. In all seriousness, Google is hiring in a variety of positions, and you should really check them out! All the information can be found on [], but here are some postings they're promoting specifically:

Information Technology Residency Program
Opportunities for IT students at Google for December 2019 and May 2020 graduates!
Click here to apply!

Google Hardware Engineer and Mechanical Engineer Summer and Fall Internships
Application opens on Friday, Dec 6th and closes on Tuesday, January 31st
There are two possible applications: Hardware Engineer and Mechanical Engineer. These applications are for both the summer internship and fall co-ops.

Network Operations Residency Program
Opportunity for two-year Residency Program at Google for July 2020 cohort
Click here to apply!

6) Battle of the Bands Casting Call

WHO: Students who are interested in playing music and/or being part of a dance troupe
WHEN: January 18th
WHAT: If you want to be a part of Battle of the Bands this GEER Week, now is your chance! Planning for BOTB is starting soon, and we need people like you to make it great! Please contact [] if you are interested

7) Leaders Prize Competition

WHO: Anyone interested in Aritificial Intelligence and Hackathons
WHEN: June 19th 2019
WHAT: Misinformation is rampant no matter where you look on the internet. Fact checkers and reputable news sources were a sufficient solution to keep well informed in the past, but this wave of fake news challenges that tradition. The Schulich Foundation invites you to tackle this problem with AI. Groups of up to 5 people are tasked with creating an AI that can evaluate the validity of the statement, and if possible, provide evidence. The winning team will claim the $1 milllion prize! This is a great experience to undertake. The competition is far off now, but it definatly worth your consideration!
Click Here To Learn More

Signing Off…

Thanks for reading this week's edition of the CompE Club Newsletter. If you have any news or an event you want featured in future editions, contact us at! Be sure to stop by the CompE Club Room to grab a snack and say hi! Prices for most snacks have been slashed, so now is the time to buy. <33