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CompE Club Weekly

Welcome to the 10th week of school! We have entered November and reading week starts within few days. We hope you guys can get some rest and recharge during the break. It’s halfway till the end of the semester but we still have few weeks to go. If you have plans over reading week, stay socially distanced and have fun!


  • Excite Conference 2020
  • Business Model 101
  • Startup Edmonton

1) Excite Conference 2020

WHO: Anyone who wants to expand their network and learn more about careers in cs
WHEN: Saturday, November 7th 10:00AM to November 8th 3:00PM
WHERE: Learn more and RSVP Here
WHAT: EXCITE is a 2 day conference where a variety of pannels, seminars and networking sessions by a vast variety of speakers. These will cover a topics from Technology, Finance, Entrepeneurship and more.

2) Business Model 101: Startup Edmonton

WHO: Anyone interested delving into the business side of startups
WHEN: Thursday, November 12 @ 1:00PM to 3:00PM
WHERE: Learn more and RSVP Here
WHAT: Do you have an idea you want to push further? Have you ever considered going into the buisiness side of things? In this virtual workshop, You will learn how to move a project forward into a buisiness. You will learn how to use several tools and techniques that will help you follow the startup methodology.

3) Startup Edmonton Problem Lab

WHO: Anyone who wants to solve real problems
WHEN: Saturday, November 14 @ 9:00AM to 12:00PM
WHERE: Learn more and RSVP Here
WHAT: The Problem Lab open innovation challenge will pull participating teams into a virtual room with the customer you are solving for. The Startup Edmonton team will guide you through a morning of Human-Centered Design, where you will get to know and understand your customer and the problem you are building a solution for.

Signing Off…

Thanks for reading this week's edition of the CompE Club Newsletter. If you have any news or an event you want featured in future editions, contact us at! Be sure to stop by the CompE Club Room to grab a snack and say hi! Prices for most snacks have been slashed, so now is the time to buy. <33