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CompE Club Weekly

Welcome to the second week of the winter semester! Labs are about to start in a week or two and I hope everyone is still on top of the lecture schedule. Today I brought a volunteering opportunity, so check it out if you are interested!


  • Schulich Ignite: A Volunteering Opportunity

1) Schulich Ignite: A Volunteering Opportunity

WHERE: Apply Here


Schulich Ignite is a club that offers free coding workshops to students in grades 10-12. Their mission is to ignite a passion for coding in youth by presenting it to them in a fun and interactive environment. Their team strongly believes in its mission and puts in hard work year-round to provide high quality programs to their students. Through their program, students get the chance to explore programming, develop their technical skills, and make connections with industry members. Schulich Ignite also provides students who are looking to pursue a wide range of degrees with insight into how they may use programming in their future learning. They are currently recruiting mentors and content development members for their upcoming winter workshops.

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