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CompE Club Weekly

Welcome to the third week of the winter semester! Some classes already have midterms approaching. Make sure to read and go over the syllabus to not miss anything. Good luck to everyone and make sure to stay on top of the lecture schedule! Today I brought some interesting events and career opportunities.


  • GEER Yeer's annual Debate
  • BlackBerry Virtual Info Session
  • Siemens Canada Virtual Info Session

1) GEER Yeer's annual Debate

WHO: Computer Engineering Students


Registration by Tuesday, January 26th, 6 PM. Debate on Wednesday, January 27th from 1 PM ~ 8 PM


GEER Yeer’s annual Debate is just around the corner! This event will be held over Zoom this Wednesday (January 27th) from 1-8 pm. Each debate will run for 22 minutes, with an 8 minute break in between rounds. The debate will follow a formal parliamentary-style, where competitors will present an entertaining and reasonable argument to the presented topic. Each round will begin with the moderator giving a brief introduction to the proposition and opposition speakers, along with the resolution. Each debate will be separated into 3 stages: opening remarks, open discussion, and closing remarks.

Opening Remarks: Beginning with the proposition, speakers from each team will have 4 minutes to address the resolution.
Open Discussion: Speakers from each team can freely address and heckle their opponent for 4 minutes.
Closing Remarks: Beginning with the opposition, each speaker will have 3 minutes to address the resolution and their opponent’s argument.

So if you are interested send your name and emails to by 26 January Before 6 pm

2) BlackBerry Virtual Info Session


BlackBerry Brings you a Recruiters Tell-All Session | Jan 26 @ 11:00 am MST

BlackBerry Brings You Networking, Systems and Cybersecurity | Jan 27 @ 11:00 am MST

BlackBerry Brings You Software Development and Testing | Jan 28 @ 11:00 am MST

BlackBerry Brings you Business | Jan 29 @ 11:00 am MST

WHERE: Register Here


Blackberry is hosting some virtual Info Session. Join them and learn more about Summer 2021 opportunities!

3) Siemens Canada Virtual Info Session

WHO: University of Alberta Engineering Graduate & Undergraduate Students from Chemical (CPC), Computer, Electrical, Internetworking, Mechanical, and Petroleum Engineering.

WHEN: Thursday, February 4, 2021, 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM MST

WHERE: Register Here


Start your journey toward a promising career with Siemens by joining their elite Siemens in Canada Engineering & Technology Academy (SCETA). Are you only a year away from finishing school and looking for an exciting career opportunity with Siemens?

Their unique Dual Education program recruits the most elite students and prepares them to take a future leadership role in the company. Siemens provides comprehensive training, pays you while you work and throughout your final year of studies, and provides a tuition allowance upon graduation.

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