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CompE Club Weekly

This here is this semester's third issue of the CompE Weekly! We've finished up our AGM, and the results are out!


  • CompE Club Election Results!
  • Happiness Survey
  • Winter 2022 Co-op Recruitment
  • Rotman: Online Datathon 2021
  • CompE+ Launch

1) CompE Club Election Results

WHO: Computer Engineering Students

WHERE: Check our Discord

WHAT: Our annual general meeting for the Computer Engineering Club has finished! We've elected a new set of junior executives:

  • 2nd Year Rep: Jacob Feng & Eric Khumbata
  • 3rd Year Rep: Rachel Ellis
  • Marketing Rep: Castor Shem
  • Merch Rep: Anushka Khare
  • PR Rep: Sami Jagirdar
  • Stock/Office Reps (🥔): Kevin Huang & Zack Dorward

2) Happiness Survey

WHO: ECE Students


WHERE: Link to Survey

WHAT: Thanks to those who filled out the survey! Dr Iyer has requested more responses so we can bring the info up to higher level faculty! If you have not answered it please do so and encourage your friends to answer it too!

CompE has created the Happiness Survey to gather your input on how students are doing and their ideas on how to make your engineering experience better. The more responses, the more powerful our message to the faculty will be! Alumni and First Years are also welcome to provide feedback!

3) Winter 2022 Co-op Recruitment

WHO: Co-op Students

WHEN: All Semester

WHERE: Link to Info Page

WHAT: The Winter 2022 Co-op recruitment season has begun! This year, the co-op office has made some changes to the process of applying to jobs. You may have received an email informing you of the changes. All information about the upcoming term is located on the Winter 2022 Recruitment website.

NOTE: There was an error in the dates specified in the last week's issue. This has been corrected in this issue!

4) Rotman School of Management: Online Datathon 2021

WHO: All Students

WHEN: Registration Deadline is September 23rd

WHERE: Link to Webpage

WHAT: This 16 day-long Online Datathon (September 30 - October 16) with the Master of Management Analytics (MMA) program at the Rotman School of Management will give teams the opportunity to dive into a real-live case and data set and come up with a managerial solution to a business case surrounding the data. This event is open to current undergraduate/graduate students and young professionals looking to experience a data analysis case competition!

This Datathon is a chance to experience what the Rotman MMA has to offer from the comfort of your home, while creating new friendships globally.

5) CompE+ Launch

WHO: Computer Engineering Students wanting resources for support to find internships

WHEN: September 13 - November 8

WHERE: Link to Webpage

WHAT: CompE+ is a student led pilot program to provide students with support to find internships in the tech industry. Finding an internship within the tech industry can be difficult and daunting - that’s where CompE+ comes in! CompE+ strives to provide students with services that will aid them on their internship hunt and to provide insight on what it's like to work in the tech industry. Check out to learn more!

Signing Off…

Thanks for reading this week's issue of the CompE weekly! Congratulations to all the new execs! If you have any news or an event you want featured in future editions, shoot me an email at!